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5 Best Metal Detector For Kids

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Best Metal Detector For Kids– Is your kid excited by the prospect of searching for buried gold? If this is the case, it might be challenging to find an affordable and best metal detector for kids that is also entertaining to use. The following is a list of the most effective metal detectors for children, broken down by age group.

Children take great joy in unearthing new things, and there is something extra-special about unearthing antique and one-of-a-kind items that have been buried for a long time in the backyard.

This type of discovery can also pique a child’s interest in history. In addition to the health benefits that youngsters get when they spend enough time outside, there is also the possibility that they could one day be able to make a living from metal detecting.

Not only can metal detectors make for excellent presents for youngsters to open on their birthdays or during the holidays, but they also present a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to strengthen their relationship via shared experiences of treasure hunting.


Best Metal Detector For kids

Best Metal Detector For kids

They produce starter models that are simple to operate and are made with children in mind, yet they nevertheless offer a diverse assortment of functions, such as the following:

  • Knob control
  • Waterproof models
  • Pointer indicators
  • Adjustable backlights

Always keep in mind that there are regulations governing the use of metal detectors; therefore, it is in your best interest to study a bit before going on a hunt.

Best Metal Detector for Kids Reviewed

Find the best metal detector for kids, if you want them to be able to go off and discover the great outdoors on their own. This is a necessity if your child wants to go treasure hunting. However, which one? Among the reputable companies we highly recommend are Bounty Hunter, Fisher, Garrett, and Minelab.

are among the reputable companies whose products come highly recommended by us.

1. Bounty Hunter Junior

The Bounty Hunter Junior is easily the most user-friendly and best metal detector for kids on the market today, and it also happens to be one of the most cost-effective options.

It is possible to alter both the sensitivity and the discrimination of the device. Therefore, if you have a very young child who is interested in testing the waters with this activity for the first time, this machine might be for you.

Best Metal Detector For Kids

Best Metal Detector For Kids

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The device consists solely of two knobs, a meter, and nothing else. The machine is activated by turning the knob on the left, which also serves as the sensitivity control. Adjusting the level of discrimination can be done with the knob on the right.

Because it enables you to ignore low-conductive metal objects like iron, discrimination is an excellent feature to have. It gives you this ability to ignore metal objects. Imagine the look of dismay on the face of your youngster when they discover an old, rusted nail while digging.

That undesirable outcome will be avoided thanks to the discriminating feature. Last but not least, the meter provides a graphical representation of the strength of your signal. This might assist you in estimating the depth to which the target may be buried in the ground.

This detector is ideal for any young detectorist because it is extremely lightweight, weighing only slightly more than one pound, and having an adjustable height of up to 2.25 feet.


  • Neither heavy nor complicated to use.
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable levels of sensitivity and discrimination 


  • Very sturdy 

2. Fisher F22

Do you want something that is a little prettier and has a few more features than this? Examine the Fisher F22, if you please. If you read any of the other articles on our website, you will see that our go-to recommendation for the best metal detector for beginners is the Fisher F22.

Best Metal Detector For Kids

Best Metal Detector For Kids

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Do you remember how we indicated at the beginning of this post that the parent company of Bounty Hunter also owned other brands of detectors that were intended for professional use? One of them is Fisher, which, in my opinion, produces the best metal detector for beginners that is also versatile and offers a wide range of features.

The F22 is packed with features while still maintaining a very reasonable price point. It has additional discrimination features, modes, and target identification capabilities.

The sole drawback of this detector for children is that it weighs slightly over 4 pounds, which can make it difficult for younger children to carry it about (compare this to 2.2lbs of the Compadre).


  • Affordable price
  • Ideal weight for children aged 10 and up.
  • Simple to use.
  • Unprecedented opportunities for discovery.


  • No manual ground balance

3. Minelab X-terra 305

The Minelab X-terra 305 is unquestionably the best metal detector for children and should be considered the industry standard if financial considerations permit.

Best Metal Detector For Kids

Best Metal Detector For Kids

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Although the F22 will provide the best value for your money, you can spend a bit more and get a detector with superior technology that your child can grow into and use for years. This will save you money in the long run.

Even for older children and adults, this is a really good metal detector. It is well known in the detecting industry that Minelab possesses the most advanced technology and achieves the highest levels of performance in their detectors.

In point of fact, we use the company’s top-of-the-line treasure detector, the CTX 3030, on a daily basis. Minelab caters to the very high-end market of treasure hunters and gold prospectors; nevertheless, the company’s entry-level X-terra 305 is an excellent choice for children and can get them started on the “Minelab path.”


  • Good technology
  • Long term use
  • Most reputable brand 


  • Beginner enthusiasts can find it challenging to interpret the machine’s measurements and auditory tones because it lacks a graphic target ID.

4. Garrett ACE 200

The Garrett ACE 200 is another fantastic metal detector that is suitable for use by children. Even though it has a simple design and is simple to operate, this model contains all of the functions that are necessary for your child to begin searching for buried riches.

Best Metal Detector For Kids

Best Metal Detector For Kids

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The ACE 200 has a searchcoil measuring 6.5 inches by 9 inches and operates at a frequency of 6.5 kilohertz. This metal detector is fantastic for finding relics and coins and does an adequate job overall. The coil is completely waterproof, allowing it to be used even in shallow water (although the control box must remain dry), and it only weighs 2.75 pounds, making it a very portable device.

The ACE 200 is a less expensive detector than the F22, and despite the fact that it does not have as many features as the F22, this detector still offers three search modes, four sensitivity levels, pulse-width modulation, and a depth indicator. In addition, the display provides a digital target ID ranging from 0 to 99, as well as a useful indicator showing when the battery is running low.

In other words, it offers a clear and comprehensive introduction to the primary functions of a metal detector, which prevents the reader from being confused.

The fact that the ACE 200 is so simple to operate is, in point of fact, among its many admirable qualities. Because most of the settings are confined to a few distinct options, the learning curve is rather short, and the target ID is an excellent tool for gaining an understanding of how the detector reacts to various kinds of metal.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Target depth indicator
  • Digital target ID


  • The control panel is not water-resistant.
  • No pointing capability.
  • Average search depth is shallow.
  • No headphones are provided.

5. Tesoro Compadre

Metal detectorists who work professionally frequently have a Tesoro Compadre on hand as a secondary device because it is built to the same high standards as their primary equipment.

It has a user-friendly interface, yet it delivers outstanding performance, and it is only moderately priced. The Tesoro is a wonderful option to go with if you are confident that your child will not miss having a digital display on the watch.

Best Metal Detector For Kids

Best Metal Detector For Kids

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The Compadre can search reasonably deep for such an affordable machine due to its 12kHz frequency and 8″ concentric search coil (there’s also a lighter 5.75″ coil type). Despite its straightforward appearance, it is packed with many of the features that are typically only found on more expensive models.

A discriminating setting, built-in mineral rejection, and two different search modes are some examples of available features. It weighs only 2.2 pounds, making it one of the lightest metal detectors currently available on the market. Although this is to be expected from a detector with a more limited price range, there is no manual ground balance.

The fact that the Compadre was designed to be able to survive a lot of use is a definite plus. If you are concerned that your child might not handle their detector with care at all times, the Compadre could be an excellent option.


  • Detector is well known for its ability 
  • Compadre is quite good


  • The Compadre only uses sound to let users know when they’ve been hit.

Buying Guide- Best Metal Detector for Kids

Usually, while still at home, the metal detector is tested for the first time, and the kids right away discover the cables and outlets. Since they are often buried deep, the likelihood of tripping over a cable outside is lower, but it is still conceivable.

Only supervised kids who understand that wires and other forms of communication are not toys should be given the detector. This indicates that it is preferable to give a youngster who is already at least five years old such a present.

The second piece of advice involves a pointy iron object. Perhaps you had a romantic vision of your child using his new toy to find solely gold coins when you purchased the metal detector.

How to Choose the Best Metal Detector for Kids

Whenever you choose the best metal detector for kids, you must consider the following factors.

Age Appropriateness

Make sure the metal detector is age-appropriate for the child you’re buying it for. Some metal detectors are designed for young children, while others are better suited for older kids.

Weight and Size

The metal detector should be lightweight and easy for the child to handle. It should also be the right size for the child’s height and build.

Sensitivity and Depth

The metal detector should be able to detect small and deep objects. But it should be able to adjust sensitivity and depth settings to suit the child’s experience level.

Ease of Use 

The metal detector should be easy to use, with simple controls and clear instructions.


The metal detector should be durable enough to withstand the rough and tumble of kids’ play.


Look for a metal detector that fits your budget.

Brand Reputation

Look for a metal detector from a reputable brand that is known for quality and customer service.

It’s also a good idea to read reviews from other customers who have purchased metal detectors for their kids to get a sense of which models have worked well for them.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to the Best Metal Detector for Kids

Q1. Is Metal Detecting Fun for Kids?

It’s not necessary to be an expert treasure hunter and enjoy seeking out buried treasure. Metal detecting can be a terrific alternative for youngsters and the entire family for an affordable and enjoyable day outside.

Getting kids to put down the controllers and turn off the TV for even a short while can be difficult for many parents.

Q2. Is Metal Detecting Educational?

Metal detecting offers many chances for education, from planning to investigating unusual finds. Choosing where to look first and what materials are needed is one of the most crucial first stages.

Your kids can learn where buried materials might be and what kind of preparation and discipline are needed to find concealed goods if you involve them in the planning of your next excursion.

Q3. How Deep Do Most Metal Detectors Go?

Most metal detectors are able to detect metal objects up to six inches below the surface of the ground, which is where you would expect to find the most valuable items like coins, rings, and other jewelry to be.

Wrapping up

Children’s metal detectors come in a variety of great selections. For improved usability, some devices offer clear and simple graphics, while others offer strong performance and a portable design. Some models come with extras like waterproof parts, bigger coils, extra tools, and personalization stickers.

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